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I’ve been attending Miriam for massage and using her beautiful hand-made creams for about 16 years as part of my self-care routine. In recent years, I have introduced them to clients in my T.L.C. yoga classes, to enhance their relaxation time. The ‘Balance and Harmony’ cream is a big favourite and a wonderful uplifting start to any day. The ‘Sleeping Beauty’ cream is a luxurious way to end the day… Miriam’s gift presentations have been well enjoyed by many of my friends over the years and called upon for a variety of occasions, while giving me a stress-free shopping experience.

With much gratitude, Patricia Crimin D6W. Dip. YTI Yoga Teacher/Therapist.

I’ve been going to Miriam for nearly 10 years now, which in itself is a measure of the quality of her work. Her knowledge of aromatherapy is extensive, and she takes great care to really listen to you at every consultation. As a result, the oils she has mixed for me over the years have always been perfect for my psychological and physical needs. Miriam’s awareness of other kinds of treatments has contributed to her practice, and her ability to heal in an atmosphere of mindfulness. If you’re thinking of making an appointment with Miriam, I can only encourage you to do so, and soon. You won’t regret it.

Deirdre, Dublin 12.

Miriam’s treatment room is an oasis of calm. There an aromatherapy session with her always starts with a consultation regarding areas of concern, both physical and emotional. Miriam then chooses oils carefully to suit her client’s needs. The following wonderful full body massage which I receive from Miriam always leaves me feeling relaxed with tensions eased and health supported.
Thank you Miriam – your caring attention to detail really sustained me through a very difficult time in my life. A massage received from you is certainly something to look forward to and each treatment helps to support physical and emotional well being.


I have found aromatherapy massage with Miriam both very nourishing and healing. It has helped me through some difficult times. And then sometimes I’ve treated myself just to give myself some tlc. I also love Miriam’s creams which are a great form of self care.

Patricia, Dublin 6W

Miriam’s Foot Reflex Massage helped me to recover from a serious accident. A bad fall off my bicycle left me with a complex wrist fracture and stitches in my thigh, and unbelievably painful feet. Three visits to Miriam and the problem was solved. Since then, I have gone to Miriam about once a month for full body aromatherapy massage. I have a demanding and stressful job and Miriam’s massage fosters a sense of well-being and groundedness.

Ruth, Dublin 6W

I am 19 years old and have had back problems for much of my life and have been going to Miriam for many years for her wonderful aromatherapy massages. The minute I enter Miriam’s massage room I am transported into a relaxing environment. The room is warm, comforting and relaxing. Calm, meditative music playing in the background contributes to the relaxing experience. I have scoliosis as well as breathing problems. Miriam has been able to adapt her techniques to suit my needs. Her massages have helped enormously with the back and muscle aches I’ve had over the years giving me great relief from pain. Miriam also prepares beautiful essential oils to help with my breathing problems. The soothing music, lovely smells, Miriam’s caring nature and the warm towels at the end of it all create a lovely experience. I always look forward to my next appointment with her.

Aisling, Dublin 6